Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bobbi Baldstraum's Christmas Wish

A SNOWCHILD named Bobbi Baldstraum
and the Pixie who believed in her.



Mrs. Baldstraum loved her daughter more than just about anything.
So of course for Christmas she took extra care to
find just the right gift for her daughter Roberta.
(who preferred to be called Bobbi)
But as she often said, "This child's mind was made up the moment she was born."
So, finding  the perfect gift was no easy task.
This year, little Bobbi wanted a Snowman. 
Not a toy snowman.  Not a big balloon snowman.
 Not even a fancy snowman robot with jingling icicles.
  Bobbi would have none of it.
Because...SHE wanted to become a Snowman...Snowgirl...
Finally after a couple sleepless nights,
 Mrs. Baldstraum came up with an idea. 
On Christmas morning, Bobbi found a sparkly Snowchild suit
 sewn by her mother beneath the tree.
Next to a used pair of black Nutcracker Boots.
Leaving her cocoa and the rest of her gifts behind,
 she squirmed into the suit and went out in the front yard to turn into Snow.
She struck a Snow Pose.
Then Another.
And another until she was sure she looked just like a Snowgirl.
Then she waited.
And waited.
The suit was well padded, so her mother was not worried that she might catch a chill.
Roberta waited so quietly that her mother could barely see from the kitchen window
whether she was still breathing or not.

While cleaning up after breakfast,
she began thinking about Frosty...
 if Frosty's hat could bring him to life, what could an entire suit do to a child?!
While Mrs. Baldstraum was searching for Bobbi's Frosty book,
 down the snowy path came a bright and cheery Pixie
trying out her new red sled.
Her wings full of Christmas Cheer.
She stopped in awe right in front of Roberta.
Is that what I think it is? 
 She wondered...?
She climbed up on the Snowchild's shoulder and peered deep within her twinkling eyes.
Well, what do you know...a REAL Snowgirl!
Bobbi  could not help but smile really big.
 Yet remembered to hold as still as freshly fallen snow
so as not to scare her little friend.
Naturally, the merry little Pixie was beside herself
and immediately flew home to tell her mother what she had seen!
Bobbi sighed a big satisfied frosty sigh.
Her Christmas wish had been granted...
Now there was nothing left to do but to go finish her cocoa...
 and see what else might be under the tree!



This Set includes
10" full sculpt Bobbie Baldstraum the Snow Child
(she also can display your favorite ornament!)
covered in German Glass Glitter and Mica Flakes
6" scale poseable Pixie, created by my daughter Angi!
Frosted pinecone ornament
(brought back from our summer road trip)
3 1/2 x 4 1/2 glass display base

This is my last sculpture offering of the year.   It is likely that I won't be listing again until spring. 
The next couple months will be spent working on commissions,
 and spending the longwinter evenings hunkered down by the wood stove.

If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by my blog
and see what is going on in our corner of the Forest.  I would love to see you there!

Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas,
and I hope there is something wonderful waiting for you under your tree!  Rose