Sunday, December 12, 2010

Frosti the Snowman and a Christmas Gnome



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 light shines through the snowdrift covering the Toymaker's Workshop.  

   Christmas fast Approaches

and the Ancient Elf knows that his chief Helper
will be busy well into the final Nights.


So, about this time of year,

a Christmas Gnome is sent each morning to illuminate

 the Tannenbaum for the Toymaker and his Wife.


The young Gnome's  name was Tinpani.

And as she reached her white gloved hand up high,

gloriously colored Stars would suddenly appear across the branches.

Christmas Stars to Brighten and Inspire the Toymaker's labor.

Once done, she would politely pause for just a moment

to admire the new toys in progress on the large wooden table.

  Then, she would quietly leave. 

Only to pause again... longer this the Window.


   Because what Tinpani especially Loved 

was to watch the elven children build the Snow People. 


She would close her eyes very tight and wish with all her might
that one day she could have one for herself...
And maybe just maybe, he might become Real. 


 (a *real* Snowman built by my daughter this winter!) 


The Toymaker and his wife loved Tinpani so much

that they decided he should carve a Snowman for her. 

And so, he did.



But he knew he could not fulfill Tinpani's greatest Dream.

He could not give his Toy life.



  Finally, late Christmas Eve,

the Toymaker's Wife placed a jolly Frosti Snowman and a Gumdrop Tree

on a branch

to await Tinpani's arrival. 


Then off they went for their long Winters Nap.

As midnight approached,

a Golden Light came from a special Ornament near Frosti's head. 


 Frosti slowly turned and saw the Christmas Child

 Bowing deep, he tipped his felt hat

and quite suddenly a cold chill ran through his Wooden Heart .


 Tinpani arrived early Christmas morning

 and there she discovered 

A Real Snowman waiting just for her. 
 He presented her the Gumdrop Tannenbaum.
But the child could not take her eyes off her Snowman. 


Then, together they bowed low before the Christmas Child...

the Source of the real Yuletide Light. 


When the Toymaker and his Wife awoke,

 Frosti,  Tinpani and her Gumdrop Tannenbaum were gone.


  But to their amazement there was snow,

 Real Snow

 on the tree branches.

And a small snowdrift sparkling near the Nativity Ornament.



Merry Christmas!

This Set is a Christmas Card

specially created from my deep appreciation to all of you

for allowing me to sculpt yet another year.

  With your kind generosity and Grace from Above,

this has been a profoundly fulfilling year.


Thank you... 


 And may your Christmas also bring a Miracle

 from the Christmas Child just for you!     love, Rose 


Thursday, November 18, 2010



I would like you to meet a very special Friend of mine.

She has the most lovely red hair and freckles

 sprinkled across her nose.

And she rescued me from a mighty Sea of Mayhem in my

   Doll Room,
with a Happy Attitude even.   


In return, I made her a Birthday Party dress,

per her Instructions,
while she fidgeted impatiently in her Fairy-Travel-Trunk-House.


(flocking tights and undies all non-removeable)

The children insisted on naming her Pippi.
She thanked them by dancing her heart out for them
on their Birthdays.


.I think she was pleased with her Dress gift,
but we filled her secret treasure bag full
for good measure.


And we all Prayed she would Never leave.


But late at night, I heard her shining up the handles
 of her Travel Trunk....


She would often pause by the kitchen window listening for Something...or Someone.


The children and I knew Pippi would have to follow her Heart.

And if she has to go to that Voice calling at the Window...

She will have left us with...
The flame from her hair
that renewed the Fires of Inspiration in my Doll Room.
Her exuberant dancing that encouraged us to entirely celebrate
 one another
 without reservation.
And she proved to our own human Pippi child
 (who always has ketchup on her nose)
that being a little different can be a real BLESSING.
We love you, Pippi...
and we are so very Thankful to have known you! 


Day Dress.




Birthday Party Dress.


Ballet Tutu.

To wear during Impromptu Performances at Birthday Parties.

Displayed on a well used Paintbrush

with a crocheted knob and doillie,

and two tiny clothespins



Sturdy Swedish Pixie Clogs


 Paintbrush Broom and Dustpan

to clean Spiderwebs and Fabric Fibers


Large Fabric Remnant Bag

How she started some months ago!

Because of the wraps,

she is poseable just  enough for dressing

and gentle movement in my hand.


Thank you for meeting my Pixie of a Pippi...Rose



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Minuet and Nissi


Once Upon A Time, two babies were born

one late at Night

the other in the Morn. 




A pink New Moon,

Minuet was her name...

the first of her kind,

wearing a Bow as bright as a flame! 




But as Different as they were,

they were even more Alike.

As they soon would Discover,

when the Hour of Providence would Strike.




Once in a Blue Moon

 the Golden Hour would allow...


Nissi  to follow her daytime  dreams

 all the way to the Stars.

On Bunny Rabbit Ears and Dragonfly Wings.




It was then that Minuet spotted Nissi,

 and even though she looked rather funny...

 The Moon was determined to capture

 this strange Flying Bunny.


Minuet held her breath

('til she began to turn Blue),

tinkled her nursery bells gently

as the Baby nearer flew.




Nissi came to rest

 upon the New Moon's pink tip.

Minuet began to giggle,

 causing the baby to slip!




Minuet quickly went into to an Orbit
 to keep the Bunny sound asleep.

Softly humming a Lullaby while moon clouds

tucked in about her small feet.



Together they circled every planet they could find.

Two babies Content

of one Heart and one Mind.




When Nissi awoke she was soundly rested, back in her bed.

The Sun was Arising

and she was ready to be Fed.

While High Above her, was circling a pink New Moon

 happily Orbiting

while humming a Bunny Rabbit tune.




Two Friends though separated by distance and time,

finally found  perfect Peace together

 within this Fairytale Rhyme.


The (happy) End.




Minuet and Nissi's story is inspired by a real baby ,

we know very well, who sleeps during the day

and is awake most the night...

and who has yet to meet her Minuet!




Monday, September 20, 2010

The Story of Givanni Thistledown

Once upon a Time
there lived a  Faerie Child  who was born with No Wings.
Destiny seemed to offer her no treetop Flights
nor soaring with the birds in the Clouds

She was Givanni of the Shoemaker Clan, 

and the Forest Folk did not quite know what to think of her.
One lonely day, she left to live forever
 with the Creatures of the Ground...
the field Mice who gathered  the Seeds of Posterity
 from Flowers and Thistles
in the Hidden Gardens very very Far Away. 



The humble Mice welcomed the faerie child and made a
Crown of Devotion for her.
Which she often used as a basket to help gather the
Thistle Seed for their Winter Stores.



From her own Devotion,
she crafted a pair of polka dot Mouse Ears to wear.
The field Mice were quite Honored
and Loved her all the more.


However, Destiny also proved to love Givanni.
It happened that at the end of a particularly Long Summer, 
 the Forest had not yet Bloomed.  

 Brother Sun had tarried elsewhere
and the delicate Flower Sprouts were languishing
from the lack of his life giving rays.


But, in late August, his face finally smiled upon
the deep Woodland Gardens and Joyful Blossoms sprang forth.
Their soothing fragrance filled every corner of the Forest Realm. 



The Sun's arrival was heartily welcomed by the Forest Folk. 

 An order was sent to the Elven Cobbler Gavier
to immediately build a pair of Slippers
 from the rarest, most beautiful Blossoms
  before they faded.



The Elven King would present these Slippers to his Queen
before all the Forest inhabitants.


The Cobbler was no Gardener,
 nor was his assistant Fairy Everllie.
They were at a loss
 to find and prepare the perfect Flowers in such quick order.



Everllie enlisted the advice of the supplyroom Mice.
Who then relayed the urgent request to their Kin far and wide.


The news finally reached the farthest corners of the Forest and was  told to the child Givanni.




Givanni indeed knew where to gather the most beautful Flowers.
But without a Winged Flight,
the Blooms would surely not survive the long Journey.



It was her Mice who finally figured a solution.
They gathered their Thistledown
and tied it all into a very large bundle.
Givanni gingerly climbed up onto the fluffy Cloud ...




Then the Mice sang for Charity Wind
to blow a Faithful Breeze to carry their beloved faerie
 all the way to the Cobbler's Forest Door... 

And that is just the way it Happened.

The sight of Givanni riding in on a white cloud of Thistledown,
 her arms full of late summer Blossoms,
so impressed the Cobbler ...



that he allowed Givanni to add the Flowers
with her own Sewing Needle.


When the King presented the Slippers to the Queen,
everyone bowed in awe 
at the rich Fragrance and brilliant Colors. 



The Queen could not take her eyes off the Slippers ...



and lost her Heart to
The little Wingless Fairy with her Spotted Mouse Ears
who finally found her Flight!



The Forest Kingdom forever thereafter
 affectionately embraced and christened her...

Givanni Thistledown