Sunday, December 12, 2010

Frosti the Snowman and a Christmas Gnome



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 light shines through the snowdrift covering the Toymaker's Workshop.  

   Christmas fast Approaches

and the Ancient Elf knows that his chief Helper
will be busy well into the final Nights.


So, about this time of year,

a Christmas Gnome is sent each morning to illuminate

 the Tannenbaum for the Toymaker and his Wife.


The young Gnome's  name was Tinpani.

And as she reached her white gloved hand up high,

gloriously colored Stars would suddenly appear across the branches.

Christmas Stars to Brighten and Inspire the Toymaker's labor.

Once done, she would politely pause for just a moment

to admire the new toys in progress on the large wooden table.

  Then, she would quietly leave. 

Only to pause again... longer this the Window.


   Because what Tinpani especially Loved 

was to watch the elven children build the Snow People. 


She would close her eyes very tight and wish with all her might
that one day she could have one for herself...
And maybe just maybe, he might become Real. 


 (a *real* Snowman built by my daughter this winter!) 


The Toymaker and his wife loved Tinpani so much

that they decided he should carve a Snowman for her. 

And so, he did.



But he knew he could not fulfill Tinpani's greatest Dream.

He could not give his Toy life.



  Finally, late Christmas Eve,

the Toymaker's Wife placed a jolly Frosti Snowman and a Gumdrop Tree

on a branch

to await Tinpani's arrival. 


Then off they went for their long Winters Nap.

As midnight approached,

a Golden Light came from a special Ornament near Frosti's head. 


 Frosti slowly turned and saw the Christmas Child

 Bowing deep, he tipped his felt hat

and quite suddenly a cold chill ran through his Wooden Heart .


 Tinpani arrived early Christmas morning

 and there she discovered 

A Real Snowman waiting just for her. 
 He presented her the Gumdrop Tannenbaum.
But the child could not take her eyes off her Snowman. 


Then, together they bowed low before the Christmas Child...

the Source of the real Yuletide Light. 


When the Toymaker and his Wife awoke,

 Frosti,  Tinpani and her Gumdrop Tannenbaum were gone.


  But to their amazement there was snow,

 Real Snow

 on the tree branches.

And a small snowdrift sparkling near the Nativity Ornament.



Merry Christmas!

This Set is a Christmas Card

specially created from my deep appreciation to all of you

for allowing me to sculpt yet another year.

  With your kind generosity and Grace from Above,

this has been a profoundly fulfilling year.


Thank you... 


 And may your Christmas also bring a Miracle

 from the Christmas Child just for you!     love, Rose