Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pippi Dreams...a poem by Suzanne Milson


Pippi Dreams of Growing Up
a poem by Suzanne Milson





When I grow up, I know I'll be

The captain of a ship on the great blue sea.






I’ll sail to ports both near and far,

Charting my course by the evening star.








I’ll follow in the footsteps of my father brave.

I’m stronger than a horse and ready to save…






Animals and fishes and pippins, too.

If you’re very very lucky, I might save you.







Tweedle, Annika and Tommy-my crew.

And first mate Nelson will be there, too.

I never worry and I never fuss,

That’s Nelson’s job. He’s the conscience of us.



Tweedle is a bluebird who came along.

As we sail through storms, he sings us a song.




It raises our spirits and gives up hope.

We are always very busy and we never mope.




We’ll search for treasure on islands unknown.

The ship and the sea will be our home.



Our daring deeds, in stories will be told,

Of rescues and battles and treasure very old.







I will be known both far and wide

With Annika, Tweedle, Tommy and Nelson by my side.






Every once in a while to Villa Ville Kula we’ll sail

Because now and then we need to pick up the mail.






And maybe someday in a far far time

We will find an island that feels just fine.





Then we will anchor our ship on the leeward side

And on that island for a while we’ll abide.





But always back to the sea we will go.

The salt air above and the marine life below.





Because that is my destiny and that is my heart

The ocean is the home from which I cannot long depart.







When I grow up I know I’ll be

The captain of a ship on the great blue sea.






So wish me luck as I sail away

To follow my dreams forever and a day.





Pippi, Nelson, Tweedle, and I
thank you for visiting
and taking a fanciful trip upon the sea with us!



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