Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Please meet a sweet little friend of mine.
I have named her Karli Star.
And this is why...
Her life began late in the Spring with great excitement
Who might this tiny Gnome Child become?


But as Summer turned to Autumn,
one busy day quickly  followed another 
while Karli waited her turn in the Doll Room.
In the meantime...

I am sad to say she missed a
birthday party (or two)
 because her Dancing Slippers
were not ready.


By the time I  came home, the daylight had turned to darkness.
But there she was standing on my desk greeting me with a hopeful smile.

 She missed the apple cider pressing  because
 her Day Dress was not hemmed.
 When we arrived home late that night,
 the first sight to greet me was her sleepy smile.


The Community Harvest Dinner came and passed without her presence.
All because her Holiday Gown was still in pieces.

That evening upon coming home, 
I caught a glimpse of her
waiting at the window with her Walnut Basket.

Filled with all sorts of good things she had wanted to share.

Moments here and moments there,
this child's details were ever so slowly coming together.
But not quickly enough to keep Karli
from being left behind one too many times.

One day when  passing her by,
it seemed as if Karli's bright colors were gradually fading.

Suddenly, I desperately missed her bright smile twinkling
 during those late,  dark nights.
I resolved right then and there
 that nothing would prevent me from finishing her.
Soon, on a chilly  Autumn afternoon, I called her into the Doll Room
 and gave her the now complete Holiday Gown. 
 She shyly slipped behind my teapot to try it on.
  When she stepped out, I fitted a pair of
 diamond crystal wings upon her back.
She lifted up into the air
and  Took My Breath Away.
Her long wait was finally over.
Twinkle Twinkle little Karli Star,
Now I know exactly who you are!
A  diamond twinkling bright
smiling skies.