Sunday, November 22, 2009

Clock House for Tinkerbelle and Two Awards!

A House made for a Tinker...


(15 inches)

A robust rumor was circulating in elven circles that Tinkerbelle desired a special commission for Peter Pan. A marvelous custom made slipper to wear during the New Year Welcome. However, the faerie herself had not yet made her appearance at the Cobbler's Shop to confirm this rumor and the clock was ticking away the time needed to build such an important shoe.

Princess Everllie decided to send a messenger to Tink's home to find out whether this rumor was true!


No one in the elven realm knew exactly where she lived,

but it was assumed that a Tinker faerie would likely live
in a clock house.

When the Cobbler's messenger came upon two

remarkable cuckoo clock houses,

she was sure one of them must be the abode

of the most famous Tinker faerie of all.


Timidly the shoemaker knocked at each door,

with no success.

Evidently no one was at either home.

Or...was there...


(12 inches)

Somehow the messenger faerie felt that someone was watching her from near the tower.


Yet there was no sound to welcome her timid knockings.


The tiny messenger flew back home straight away

carrying no news.

The Cobbler and his staff would just have to wait...


Which clock do you think a Tinker faerie would call home?

(note...these two small fantasy homes in altered cuckoo clock cases are a stupendously wonderful custom request from a dear friend who lives in the land where cuckoo clocks were born. A tiny Tinkerbelle is almost complete and is quite excited to see which home will be chosen to be hers...)



I heartily thank Christel for passing these two awards back to me because now I can send them along to

seven more simply wonderful artist friends...

I hope you will visit Christel

a totally dedicated artist new to the world of ooak

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Please accept these awards with my admiration and hopes that many fine friends will find the path to your most unique corner of the forest!


an artist of incredible dolls that seem to have souls peeking through their eyes


(her) light truly emanates from the paintings of her peaceful angels


a true friend of the animal realm and to me, her heart is her art...

a brilliant decorative arts ARTISAN from visit to her gorgeous blog and you will be forEVER hooked!


artist extraordinaire of paper crafts and much much more,with a heart that reaches across languages and waters


fascinating sculptor of Celtic warriors, wizards and
fantastic mystical creatures of the forest

Penny White

a precious friend who has the soul of a child, wisdom of a sage
and art that takes flight on angel wings

Now, off to find Tinkerbell...