Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Minuet and Nissi


Once Upon A Time, two babies were born

one late at Night

the other in the Morn. 




A pink New Moon,

Minuet was her name...

the first of her kind,

wearing a Bow as bright as a flame! 




But as Different as they were,

they were even more Alike.

As they soon would Discover,

when the Hour of Providence would Strike.




Once in a Blue Moon

 the Golden Hour would allow...


Nissi  to follow her daytime  dreams

 all the way to the Stars.

On Bunny Rabbit Ears and Dragonfly Wings.




It was then that Minuet spotted Nissi,

 and even though she looked rather funny...

 The Moon was determined to capture

 this strange Flying Bunny.


Minuet held her breath

('til she began to turn Blue),

tinkled her nursery bells gently

as the Baby nearer flew.




Nissi came to rest

 upon the New Moon's pink tip.

Minuet began to giggle,

 causing the baby to slip!




Minuet quickly went into to an Orbit
 to keep the Bunny sound asleep.

Softly humming a Lullaby while moon clouds

tucked in about her small feet.



Together they circled every planet they could find.

Two babies Content

of one Heart and one Mind.




When Nissi awoke she was soundly rested, back in her bed.

The Sun was Arising

and she was ready to be Fed.

While High Above her, was circling a pink New Moon

 happily Orbiting

while humming a Bunny Rabbit tune.




Two Friends though separated by distance and time,

finally found  perfect Peace together

 within this Fairytale Rhyme.


The (happy) End.




Minuet and Nissi's story is inspired by a real baby ,

we know very well, who sleeps during the day

and is awake most the night...

and who has yet to meet her Minuet!